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Giving our blood to mother earth

Since then, women have given their blood to the earth, naturally connected with nature.

Now it is time to revive this basic connection, to embody and honor our basic power and wise connection with Mother Earth.


You have collected your blood (see here) and can now give your life blood to the earth either at the end of the cycle or again and again in between. How you do it is as individual as you are. Many ancient traditions have different rituals that can inspire us. It is part of the reawakening of your wisdom as earth keeper, as the daughter of mother earth, to find your own, harmonious way of doing things. As for all rituals, the following things are useful and create the sacred and healing space:


- treat yourself, your blood and the earth with love, respect, esteem and honor

-Focus on your highest intention during the ritual for the highest good of yourself and the bigger whole

-be mindful, aware and in an inner attitude of joy, gratitude and devotion


Here are some inspirations on how and where to give your blood to the earth:



Find a place in nature or in your garden that is protected, pleasant, harmonious and safe. (To have a permanent moon altar, to which you give your blood every month, can be a profound teaching and way, more on that soon ...) Now ask Mother Earth, in your words / feelings, for permission to give her your blood. You may want to bring some flowers, fragrances, or gifts. Then dig a hole deep enough to receive your offering. In your own way, perhaps with song, prayer or devotion, give your blood to Mother Earth, feel how she absorbs it, is nourished by your essence and slowly drinks it. Then put the earth back on it, maybe you want to linger, sing, decorate, meditate ...


You can also do the above ritual on a tree. Here it is recommended that you dilute the blood with water so that it is not too strong ;-)


You can also give your blood to your houseplants, and in this way to mother earth. Here it is important that you dilute it with water, otherwise it can be a bit strong for the plant. This is a nice way to observe the nature of your plant with the nourishment of your essence over time.



You can also give your blood to a river, lake, or sea. You can dry it and give it to the wind ...


...come into contact with your uterus, let the cervix (mouth of the mother in german ;-) speak, where your blood would like to go. Experience the different paths and places, find your own access, feel the different places and influences in your life. Awaken the priestess, the memory of our most ancient prayer and connection inside, and give her your own personal touch. Whenever this is aligned for the highest good of you and the whole, there is always healing and peace.




A very powerful, connecting and healing ritual is to bleed directly into the earth. As described above, dig a hole in the ground. Sit on it (you can wear a wide skirt and are so well protected). Let your blood flow directly into mother earth. Feel how she receives your essence, feel how you nourish her. Feel this connection and unity. Sing, pray, meditate, feel ... Enjoy the river!


Thank you!


We'll also be doing an FB group / and/or Forum in the (re)membership-area shortly to inspire each other and share our ways of gifting.


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