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Bleeding People - World Wide (Blood) Sisterhood

In recent years we have met in women's circles, awakened our femininity, and the goddess / divine feminine reopened channels in us. Now it is time to let these channels work, to be a network in which all these benevolent goddess aspects flow together. Each is important, each is perfect, each is the goddess. Let us live this expression and give it through our blood, through the confluence of our essence; now for the highest good of mother earth and all life in all times, places and dimensions.

If you have monthly bleeding, we cordially invite you to join this network, to give your blood (further) to the earth and to put yourself on our map. We invite you to become a focal point in this sacred web, with your prayer, your alignment, your wishes and your essence. This is the beginning. The intention is to build a network for mutual support, exchange, mutual seeing and empowerment, for the good of the whole.

HERE you will find instructions on HOW

HERE you can register for the network / the card

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